Values Mission Vision

Core Values

Empowerment vs. Charity

Throughout all of our activities, our goal is to engage and empower all of the children and families in Nepal, as well as volunteers, donors and partners. Our programs empower donors, sponsors, partners, and volunteers to create change in the world by empowering the children and families we serve. We favor creating change by the work of one's own hands over giving away handouts.

Growth vs. Subsistence

We believe our programs will result in a multitude of growth. Children will grow their minds, families will grow their capacity to rise out of poverty, and communities will grow stronger through their commitment to changing the status quo to achieve a brighter future.

Disruption vs. Difference

All of our efforts are geared towards our vision of disrupting the cycle of poverty. It's not enough to treat the symptoms, which is why we plan programs that impact children, families, and whole communities. Our results must be permanent and flow to future generations.

Transformation vs. Transaction

Underlying all of our values and our mission and vision is a deep desire to transform the world by transforming the lives of others. While we require financial resources to execute our programs, our relationships with donors, sponsors, partners, and volunteers is connecting their desire to change the world to the children, families, and communities in Nepal who need it the most.

Persistence vs. Complacency

Just as we won't rest in our commitment to carrying out our mission in order to achieve our vision, we expect the children, families, and communities in Nepal we work with to reflect our relentless energy by demonstrating measurable progress with the education and assistance we provide. 

Mission Statement

To provide access to quality education for impoverished children and families in Nepal.

vision Statement

To disrupt the cycle of poverty in Nepal
through educational programs.