The Computer Lab

Imagine a community in the 21st Century that has never had access to computers or the internet. Now imagine introducing computers, connection to the internet and computer literacy training to the children and families of that community. Can we help to create for them a world of new possibilities? Would you be interested in helping to change their future?

Our Mission

Computer Lab

Set up a computer lab at an elementary school in the village of Oli Dada, Nepal. Lab to be used by students during the school day and be made available for community use (families) in the evenings and on weekends.

Electricity & Internet

Currently, there is no electricity at the school. Work with the local government and community to establish electrical service and internet connectivity to the school.

Teacher & Training

Hire a teacher to conduct computer classes. Recruit local candidates that can be trained to teach classes that include a community outreach program.

Global Education

Introduce classes with an international focus to promote global awareness and understanding. Connect students and community members with other parts of the world to develop cross-cultural communication.

Take a Peek at the School



My daughter, Gia and I (Ojash Shrestha) had the opportunity to visit the school in Feb 2019. 
There is so much enthusiasm, curiosity and beauty hidden in the school and the village. We hope this project will open doors for many more people to connect and help shape the future of these children and generations to come. Thank you for watching and I hope you will considering making a  .

How can you help?

 Total Project Cost: $29,350. Donate

  1. Building (Classroom) Construction:

    As you can see in the video here, the school doesn’t have enough infrastructure to support a new classroom, so we will need to construct a new building which at this point is just one single classroom. Estimated classroom size is 12ft by 16ft.

    •  50% of the cost: $4,000

    •  50% of the cost: $4,000
  2. Electricity Infrastructure:

    The school does not have any electricity at this point, so we will need to run wires from the central village to the school. This will cover that expense as well as the purchase of the lights and fixtures needed for the classroom.

  3. Internet Infrastructure:

    Initial cost to get the wires and equipment setup so internet service can be initiated.

  4. Computers:

    Purchase a total of 7 computers (6 for students and 1 teacher)

    •  Student Laptop 1: $700
    •   Student Laptop 2: $700
    •   Student Laptop 3: $700
    •   Student Laptop 4: $700
    •   Student Laptop 5: $700
    •   Student Laptop 6: $700
    •   Teacher Laptop 7: $800
    •   Teacher Monitor & Keyboard: $400
    •   Cables & Wires: $100
  5. Furniture:

    Setup a class that can accommodate 12 students and 1 teacher. Two students will share one computer at this time.

    •   $1,500 for Desk
    •    $1,000 for chairs (or benches)
    •   $100 for whiteboard and markers
  6. Operational:

    Sustainability is key to our program. Help us cover the cost to operate the lab for 2 years. The expense include teacher salary, training, electricity and internet charges with estimated cost of $250 per month.

  7. Books & Materials:

  8. Local Travel & Transportation

    The school sits on top of a hill where road access is limited, so travel and transportation becomes slightly expensive. The government has a proposal in place for new road construction which will help in the future. This covers the expense incurred for our volunteers to visit the school and help set up the lab.

  9. Admin & Misc Expense:

    Covers the cost of additional administrative and miscellaneous expense.

  10. General Contribution:

    Any donations are graciously accepted and will go toward the establishment of the Computer Lab.  to give what you can.

Travel To Nepal

Join us and travel to Nepal from Sept  21st to Sept 29th to visit the school, establish the lab, experience the life in the village and perhaps teach a class with us. 


Email if you are interested and need more information.