The Computer Lab

Imagine a community in the 21st Century that has never had access to computers or the internet. Now imagine introducing computers, connection to the internet and computer literacy training to the children and families of that community.

The Foundation School

Let's Rebuild a School Together

Ganga Ghar is committed to helping reconstruct a school that was decimated during the earthquake by working together with the local communities, government, and other individuals and organizations who share the vision of rebuilding Nepal. 

Earthquake Immediate Relief Program

In the immediate wake of the devastating Nepal earthquake, Ganga Ghar successfully provided relief to 1,500 families who were affected through the generosity of sponsors, donors, and volunteers in the U.S. and Nepal. See the story below to find out how we helped.

Project Kalanki

This collaboration between Kalanki English Medium School (KEMS) and Ganga Ghar provided need-based scholarships for 20 children residing in Kalanki, Nepal. The scholarships covered tuition, supplies, and uniforms for children who would not otherwise be able to attend school.


Good English skills can be a major asset for young people in Nepal as they finish school and build a career. Unfortunately, many schools aren't able to hire good English teachers. With Project T2S2, Ganga Ghar brought English teachers to 2 different schools, and installed swing sets to make school even more fun!

Project +3

When students at the Surya Jyoti School completed 5th grade, they would leave school and go to work. The school lacked the resources to further educate these children. Project +3 is a commitment from Ganga Ghar, to add an additional grade level each year, for at least 3 years. This year, we added 6th grade, and improved the school by adding a computer lab and a backup power system.