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Hello, I am Merina Magar. I started working for Ganga Ghar as an intern in 2013 when I was doing my Bachelor of Arts in social work from Thames International College. After graduation, I joined Ganga Ghar as a part time employee in 2014

Posted by , Sep 15, 2015

After visiting Ramechhap, we also extended our relief effort to Dolakha district. The first day of trip was cancelled because of landslide on the Arniko highway and had to be postponed. However, we were eventually able to reach our destination in Malu VDC of Dolkaha district, after 8 hours of drive from Kathmandu.

Posted by Admin, May 19, 2015

After the second devastating earthquake shook Nepal, Ganga Ghar shifted their relief aid distribution to eastern Part of Nepal, mainly Dolakha and Ramechhap district, where the need was utmost and urgent.

Posted by Admin, May 18, 2015

Ganga Ghar has sponsored three children for their education through our sponsorship program in Chunikhel, Lalitpur. All three children lost their home during the recent earthquake. 

Posted by Admin, May 17, 2015

Ganga Ghar team recently visited and distributed the relief aid in Sindhupalchok district. Sindhupalchok is the hardest hit district in both the destructive earthquakes, resulting in most fatalities in any district. 

Posted by Admin, May 13, 2015

After Dhading, we went to Gorkha (the epicenter district of earthquake). We distributed relief aid in two villages -- Gyal chowk and China ghat.


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We are extremely happy and satisfied to write that after 3 days of tireless efforts from all the team members, both in Nepal and USA, we have successfully concluded the relief aid in Dhading district. 

Posted by Admin, May 07, 2015

Words fall short of expressing how grateful for the generosity our sponsors and donors have extended in the wake of the Nepal earthquake. Our team in the US and in Nepal is working tirelessly to provide essential relief to our sponsored families, as well as many others in the communities that have been affected by the earthquake.

Posted by Admin, Apr 30, 2015

As soon as I got news of the earthquake, my heart started pulling me to Nepal. I tried to arrange a flight to Kathmandu only to be told that the airport was closed and no flights could go into the area. After meetings with the Ganga Ghar board, we put together a plan and a team to execute it, but my heart and mind were still in Nepal. The call for duty was unbearable. So last night, I booked a flight, and I’ll be heading to Nepal on Thursday to join our team.

Posted by Ojash Shrestha, Apr 29, 2015

Over the past 24 hours, the Ganga Ghar network has been actively coordinating for relief efforts following the devastating earthquake on Saturday, April 25th. Our team of Ganga Ghar employees, friends, family members, and volunteers will be visiting two communities hit hard by the quake--Chunikhel and Dhading. Initial reports state that approximately 90% of the homes in the village area of Dhading have been destroyed.

Posted by Admin, Apr 27, 2015

This is an update regarding the steps we are taking to gather information and provide support to sponsored children and families and their communities that have been affected by the earthquake in Nepal:

Posted by Admin, Apr 26, 2015

Hi, my name is Asmit Kunwar, the new intern at Ganga Ghar. I am in the third year of receiving my Bachelors of Social Work from Thames International College. After becoming an intern at Ganga Ghar, I got to be a part of the 2014 child selection drive as one of the team members. It was a very important task and made me feel both thrilled and anxious. However, my past experience working with children boosted up my confidence and eagerness to contribute. I was ready for the journey with all the excitement and willingness to pour my dedication into the project..

Posted by Asmit Kunwar, Mar 20, 2014

Hello, I am Merina Magar, a bachelor third year student studying Social work at Thames International College. Every year we are placed in a social work organization as interns, and this year I feel fortunate to be placed in Ganga Ghar and gain such an amazing experience through child selection drive 2014 in Jhapa.


Posted by Merina Magar, Feb 03, 2014

While visiting sponsored children, the Ganga Ghar team came across an all too familiar scene: children hard at work breaking rocks into smaller rocks.

Posted by Jodi Elias, Apr 09, 2013

Ganga Ghar is working hard to give children in Jhapa, and other areas of Nepal, access to quality education. Help us by sponsoring a child today.

Posted by Sajal, Apr 03, 2013

Hello! My name is Sumina Pradhan. As an intern with Ganga Ghar, I’m learning a lot that helps me as I study to become a Social Worker. 

Posted by Sumina Pradhan, Mar 28, 2013

The opportunity to conduct field visits is a Social Work student’s dream. You can only learn so much sitting in a classroom.

Posted by Sajal, Mar 25, 2013

Meet Raj and Munu: two international students at Syracuse University who have found a way to sponsor a child on a limited budget.

Posted by Raj & Munu, Mar 15, 2013

Ganga Ghar volunteers helped approximately 75 sponsored children record messages for their sponsors. After a lot of practicing, coaching, and giggles, we think they turned out pretty great.

Posted by Jodi Elias, Mar 01, 2013
Posted by Jodi Elias, Feb 06, 2013

For many, a new year means a fresh start. As we reflect upon the events and decisions of 2012, we evaluate who we are and choose the areas where we want to grow in 2013. It’s an exciting, optimistic time when we focus on what we need to do to bring out the best in ourselves.

Posted by Jodi Elias, Jan 11, 2013

It has been just over one month since our team of volunteers returned from Nepal. The trip was bookended by two major Nepali holidays - Dashain on the front, Tihar on the back. As a result, we received a healthy dose of cultural immersion by participating in festivities and rituals with our Nepali hosts. We returned to the USA in time to celebrate Thanksgiving and get into holiday spirit of Christmas and New Year.

Posted by Mike Luedke, Dec 21, 2012

Since returning from Nepal, all of my friends and family have asked what it was like to spend time there with Ganga Ghar.The truth is, it’s been hard for me to wrap up all the amazing experiences of the trip into any sort of concise answer.

From my home in Milwaukee, Nepal is about as far away as you can possibly get... and it felt that way. As with any different culture, there were things that surprised me (systematic power outages), things I fell in love with right away (the food), and things I could have done without (pollution).

Posted by Jodi Elias, Dec 17, 2012

Education is a crucial factor that will help bring the change that we need. Nepal is a third world country where children are deprived of their basic rights. And for many children receiving quality education is a far fetched dream. But if change has to come then it has to start from the roots and for me the roots for development of Nepal are our children!

Posted by Srijana Shrestha, Nov 30, 2012

As the newest member of the Ganga Ghar Nepal team, I’m grateful to everyone who has made me feel welcome already. It’s good to know we share the same excitement of making a difference in the lives of children and families in Nepal.

Posted by Brennan Pardee, Oct 21, 2012

3 weeks away from my wife and 3 month old son - By Binod Parajuli

When we founded Ganga Ghar in 2009, I knew that there would be times where sacrifices must be made. However, I never imagined having to leave my first child and wife alone for 3 weeks in order to travel half way around the world in pursuit of our mission.

Posted by Binod Parajuli, Oct 18, 2012

Oct 15th:
        Binod and Ojash arrive in Kathmandu

Oct 16th: 
        Kathmandu: Ganga Ghar office in Nepal, Team meeting and         planning

Oct 18th to 21st:
        School Site Research & Planning in Chitwan

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Over the past few years, the Ganga Ghar team has seen what the dedication of our sponsors and volunteers can accomplish. Today, over 100 children are able to attend school because of those who support our mission. Rather than stopping there, Ganga Ghar wanted to expand it’s efforts in order to reach more children who are unable to attend school. In some regions, there are no schools to attend, so the children there have never had access to education or new opportunity. By building a school in one of these regions, Ganga Ghar can make an impact for generations to come, helping break cycles of poverty and improve the future for Nepali children.

Posted by Admin, Oct 10, 2012

For 16 years, the children at Surya Jyoti School in Jhapa, Nepal were receiving incomplete schooling. The students showed the drive and determination to attend school and learn, but the school was only able to educate children until they reached grade 5. Children leaving the school found themselves at a severe disadvantage, as grade 5 is only halfway toward completing their SLC (School Leaving Certificate). A half-complete education leaves a student without sufficient knowledge and preparation to pursue meaningful future endeavors. Poverty, political instability, and lack of awareness coincided to create a dire situation for children at Surya Jyoti School who longed for opportunities to further their education.

Posted by Admin, Oct 09, 2012

Where Would You Be Without School?

Do you ever stop and think about what your life would be like if you had never gone to school? Would you have learned how to read or how to use a computer? Would you have the same career that you have now?

Posted by Admin, Aug 17, 2012

Meet the team of volunteers going to Nepal to begin the process of building a school in an underserved region of Nepal.

Support the project by visiting -

Posted by Jodi Elias, Aug 13, 2012

Posted by Jodi Elias, Aug 13, 2012

Amidst the tradition of getting through classes by rote memorization, Ganga Ghar believes the concept of critical thinking helps students stand out in a competitive environment.

Posted by Grishma Shrestha, Aug 08, 2012

When I left the States for Nepal this summer, I had many things on my mind. Amongst all the things I desired to accomplish while I am in Nepal, I wanted to visit ‘Ganga Ghar kids’ and work with them at some level. After brainstorming ideas with Ganga Ghar team in the USA, we decided to organize some sort of an event that would help stimulate kids’ critical thinking. We decided to pick a Saturday to organize an art event followed by a game and a movie.

Posted by Sundar Thapaliya, Aug 07, 2012

Last November, Ganga Ghar won the Chase Community Giving award of $25,000. We won this award by receiving over 1,700 votes to rank 26th among the best small charities in the country. We extend our thanks to all...

Posted by Admin, Aug 01, 2012

What is the first image that comes to your head if somebody asks you to draw happiness? I am guessing a smiley face, . Smile is a good representation of happiness and the smiley face is probably the most used emoticon to express happiness. But could you be more creative in drawing happiness on paper? How about a picture of yourself on vacation or you giving a toast at a dinner table with all your family members? The point I am trying to make here is that a person can get creative if s/he chooses to be so in doing simplest of simple daily activities. If you don’t believe me, the work of Ganga Ghar (GG) students in Dhading will definitely make you believe it.

Posted by Khem Paudel, Jul 31, 2012

 Ganga Ghar with the motto of Empowerment through Education has been extending its hands in encouraging students to attend school by providing such needs. Same was the purpose of the visit to Chunikhel. Nineteen students for the New School session were delivered with school dress, shoes, backpack and school supplies.

Posted by Khem Paudel, Jun 25, 2012

Morning is inevitable after sunset. It is a different day but errands remain the same. Dawn had just broken in mid April for the students who were ready to head back to school for a new term. Everyone was full of joy and excitement. The exuberance of promotion.......

Posted by Khem Paudel, May 30, 2012

It is heart wrenching when you hear about a child having to fight the
pain from her broken arm for several days because her parents don’t have
money to take her to a doctor. When one of our Nepal representatives,
Bikram Parajuli, visited....

Posted by Khem Paudel, Mar 16, 2012

Achieving Awareness, Understanding and Social Engagement for Project T2S2 with Music, Culture and Mo:Mos!

Posted by Ichhya Pant, Feb 24, 2012

Ganga Ghar recently organized ‘Ganga Ghar Nepal Night’ in Atlanta, GA on February 04, 2012 with the support of

Posted by , Feb 09, 2012

As the world takes its first steps into 2012, Ganga Ghar also steps into its fourth year of providing education to poor and underprivileged children and families in Nepal. We are more passionate than ever about continuing to carry out our mission in the new year, but first we must pay tribute to 2011 in honor of the accomplishments of our team and our sponsors in helping Ganga Ghar reach new heights.

Posted by Ojash Shrestha, Jan 06, 2012

I was one of the first to get there - our site for the PlayToHelp event on Saturday Dec 03, 2011. The weather forecast said it was going to snow that afternoon, so we were nervous. What if no one showed up? All of the preparations were done and we had a steep goal to accomplish – raise $1000.

Posted by Sailen Bhattarai, Dec 19, 2011

Giving is a very powerful word. I believe I found the essence of it in the jaunt to Dhading.

After one week of planning with Dhading representative Mrs. Laxmi Shrestha and different schools in the region, and after shopping and other arrangements were all done, Sachi and I left for Dhading on 11th November 2011 at 10am. The excitement was increasing as our destination appeared closer. We were going to hand over winter clothes to the children for the winter.

Posted by Susan GP, Nov 29, 2011

Ganga Ghar received a total of 1,775 votes and ranked 26th among all the small charities that competed for the Chase Community Giving awards. Being one of the top 100 charities.....

Posted by , Nov 23, 2011

Being a small charity, we got enrolled into Chase Community Giving contest from Facebook which runs until Monday, Nov 21st 2011. The top 100 charities that receive the maximum number of votes will win $25K to $250K.


Posted by Admin, Nov 18, 2011

In Ganga Ghar we believe that the best way to succeed and have the greatest impact on what we do is by bringing together different people and harnessing each individuals strength via collaboration.

Posted by Admin, Nov 11, 2011

We are proud to launch four different GG Committees today. The objectives of these committees are to focus on different sectors of the organization and improve the process for quality, growth and sustainability.

Posted by Admin, Nov 11, 2011

My name is Sachi Dixit, and as a sponsor of a child, I was very excited to volunteer for Ganga Ghar on a visit to the children in Dorphirdi, Nepal. Three of us Susan, Abhishek and I left Kathmandu on Oct 23rd, 2011 at 7am. After an eight hour bus ride and two hours of walking, we finally reached the village of Dorphirdi. Seeing all of the kids in uniform while traveling there made me really happy, realizing that more and more children have started going to school and the situation in our country is actually improving.

Posted by Sachi Dixit, Nov 07, 2011

Project Kalanki is collaborative effort between Ganga Ghar & Kalanki English Medium School (KEMS) to uplift the lives of 25 children and their families residing in Kalanki, Nepal. Our goal is to raise scholarship funds to help families who do not have the resources to educate their children. This project is targeting children whose families have fled from the rural war-torn parts of Nepal to inner cities over the past decade as well as deprived indigenous children. The goal is to provide a need based scholarship to 25 students from such families.

Posted by Admin, Nov 01, 2011

One of the reasons I joined Ganga Ghar is because I would get to meet with children and families in person. Getting to meet children we help and understand their lifestyle and the challenges they face makes us more effective at what we do. Here an account of my first visit to Dhading on Oct 1st, 2011.

Posted by Susan GP, Oct 24, 2011

Hi, I am Susan Gyanaprakash, a new team member of Ganga Ghar in Nepal. I joined the team on Sept 1st, 2011 as a Program Co-ordinator. My primary role is to strengthen the communication between sponsors and children. My plan is to encourage children and families to work hard for a brighter future and provide steady update to sponsors.

Posted by Susan GP, Oct 19, 2011

Not too long ago, I was talking with Tina Chang, the CEO of SysLogic where I work.  In the conversation, she said, "You could organize a Nepali dinner at your place and invite us (Syslogic employees) over.  This way we will get to meet the Shrestha family, taste some Nepali food and you can raise some funds for  your organization as well!”

Posted by Ojash Shrestha, Oct 14, 2011

It's 7pm on Sunday, Oct 2nd 2011. I just woke up from a 3 hour nap and I am sure seventeen others are doing the same. A total of eighteen people spent their weekend volunteering/working at BuySeasons (, a warehouse in New Berlin, WI. BuySeasons is one of the largest distributors of Halloween Costumes and Party Supplies. During the busy seasons, the company allows volunteers from different organizations to help in their warehouse and donates the total amount earned to the organization.

Posted by Ojash Shrestha, Oct 03, 2011

Susan Gyanaprakash joined Ganga Ghar team in Nepal on Sept 1st, 2011. Her primary role is to strengthen the communication between sponsors and children for continuous update and feedback.

Posted by Admin, Sep 01, 2011

I can't remember the last time I bought a dictionary. Since the birth of "Define (word)" in Google and, I have not opened up a physical dictionary. However, there are places in this world where computers and internet for them are like flying cars for us. Hopefully your support will one day allow these children to use computers.

Posted by Srijana Shrestha, Aug 04, 2011

Flash back to November 17, 2010, Ojash had run a facebook birthday cause to pay for Barad's physiotherapy class. When Ojash first met Barad, he wasn't able to talk, stand, walk or even eat on his own.

Posted by Admin, Aug 03, 2011

Pictures from Milwaukee Nepal Night have been uploaded on Facebook.

Posted by Admin, Mar 15, 2011
Posted by Admin, Mar 12, 2011
Posted by Admin, Mar 12, 2011

Milwaukee Nepali Night launched the project T2S2 by raising a total of $2130.99.

Event Stats
Total # of guests: 215
Total # of participants: 35
Total piece of momo: 3500

Posted by Admin, Mar 06, 2011

Sunita Tamang lives in a 8 by 10 foot room with 5 other siblings. Her room has one twin size bed, a twin mattress on the floor, and one book shelve filled with books. Sunita's father understands the value of education and works day and night to send all of his six children to school.

Posted by Admin, Feb 22, 2011

The Milwaukee Nepal Night is:
- A celebration and introduction of Nepali culture to the Milwaukee Community
- A fundraiser for a Ganga Ghar project "T2S2" (2 English Teachers and 2 Swing-sets). This project will introduce English teachers for the first time at two schools partnered with Ganga Ghar.

Posted by Admin, Feb 07, 2011

Until April 2010, Durga went to work with her mother. Her mother, Saraswati, who is divorced cleans houses and wash dishes. Her salary is $15/month. When asked why her daughter goes to work with, she said, "the employer (house owner) provides us with lunch in the afternoon. This way my daughter can eat good food once a day and my daughter enjoys going to work with me". 

Posted by Admin, Jan 24, 2011

Watch how Barad walks, eats and tries to communicate. May God bless families with autistic children with PATIENCE & STRENGTH. 

Learn more on Ojash 29th birthday cause -

Posted by Admin, Nov 17, 2010
Posted by Admin, Nov 13, 2010

A picnic program was held in Chunidevi school about 20 miles outside of the capitol city.

Posted by Admin, Oct 30, 2010

Students of Chunikhel school getting excited to see pictures after the shot.

Posted by Admin, Oct 30, 2010

We are performing research and interviews on various sectors in Nepal where children work to bring additional income for the family. We hope to take these children and send them to school.

Posted by Admin, Oct 28, 2010

Two board members, Binod and Ojash, travelled to Nepal to meet with sponsored children and their families.

Posted by Admin, Oct 16, 2010

Chunidevi is a school that is located 5 miles in the outskirts of Kathmandu.

Posted by Admin, Sep 01, 2010

Area picnics were hosted to kick-off the 2010-2011 school year. The first picnic was held in Damak on Saturday, May 22n. A second picnic was held in Dhading on Saturday, June 5th.

Posted by Admin, May 29, 2010

April 2010 marked the beginning of the new school year, and 34 children are enrolled for the 2010-2011 academic year through support from Ganga Ghar. 21 girls and 14 boys are attending school in Dhading and Damak.

Posted by Admin, Apr 19, 2010

As some of you may know, Ojash was born in Nepal. He moved to Wisconsin in 2000 to go to college at UW-Whitewater. He would like to share a story about an experience that happened to him, which has inspired him to start this non-profit organization.

Posted by Ojash Shrestha, May 18, 2009