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Thank You Joel & Thu Multer

Sunita Tamang lives in a 8 by 10 foot room with 5 other siblings. Her room has one twin size bed, a twin mattress on the floor, and one book shelve filled with books. Sunita's father understands the value of education and works day and night to send all of his six children to school. 

Sunita's life has changed since April 2010. Joel & Thu Multer, a lovely couple from Wisconsin, started sponsoring her education through Ganga Ghar. Joel and Thu pays for all of her educational expenses such as tuition, books, copies, uniforms, shoes, and bags. 

In this video, Sunita thanks Joel and Thu for bringing smiles in her life. She says, she will study hard and she loves you.... :)

Posted by Admin
On Feb 22, 2011