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Uniforms, Supplies & Clean Water

Ganga Ghar team visited a school in Chunikhel, a small village in outskirts of Kathmandu on June 9, 2012. There are many students who, despite their strong will and potential to perform on high level in school, have to give up their dreams for not being able to pay for materials such as school dress, bags and basic school supplies. Ganga Ghar with the motto of Empowerment through Education has been extending its hands in encouraging students to attend school by providing such needs. Same was the purpose of the visit to Chunikhel. Nineteen students for the New School session were delivered with school dress, shoes, backpack and school supplies. The children were very happy for the assistance from Ganga Ghar. The parents of the children were equally thankful.

While at the school, the team also spent some time fixing a water tap in the school premises. Students have been devoid of drinking water service in school amidst the absence of a tap. Entire school seemed comforted to have the water tap.

Ganga Ghar always strives to create better opportunities for underprivileged children to attend school. And the Ganga Ghar foundation realizes there are more ways to do so than just one-to-one sponsorship and working for other unprivileged children like in Chunikhel is a prime example of that. Leveraging the generosity that prevails around, Ganga Ghar hopes to scrape the facade of illiteracy and raise the standards of living amongst the poor.

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Posted by Khem Paudel
On Jun 25, 2012