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Nepal Visit

Two board members, Binod and Ojash, travelled to Nepal to meet with sponsored children and their families. They met 95% of the children, and about 70% of the families. After this recent experience, our heart is especially full of thanks for the opportunity you help provide for these children to receive an education. Until now we have only imagined their lives from within our experience, and have administered the activities of Ganga Ghar from the U.S., but it was a completely different experience to meet with the children in their own environment and see life from their eyes.

Again, our heart is filled with gratitude for your generosity. Each moment that we witnessed was a direct result of your support to Ganga Ghar, and your willingness to share has allowed these children on the other side of the world to have life-changing moments. Thank you, thank you again for your support.

Posted by Admin
On Oct 16, 2010