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Nepal Itinerary

Oct 15th:
        Binod and Ojash arrive in Kathmandu

Oct 16th: 
        Kathmandu: Ganga Ghar office in Nepal, Team meeting and         planning

Oct 18th to 21st:
        School Site Research & Planning in Chitwan

Oct 22nd to Oct 26th: 
        Dashain Break - National Festival of Nepal

Oct 27th:
        Mike, Jodi, Todd and Brennan arrival in Kathmandu

Oct 28th: 
        Lalitpur: Holy Temple School to visit sponsored children, families and         school.
        Visit Todd’s sponsored child - Samjhana Lama

Oct 29th, 30th:
        Dhading: Visit sponsored children, families and schools
        Distribute Winter Clothes
        Visit Jodi’s sponsored child - Parvati Gurung
        Visit Mike & Amber sponsored child - Sonam Gurung

Oct 31st, Nov 1st:
        Chitwan: School SIte Research & Planning

Nov 2nd, 3rd:
        Jhapa: Visit sponsored children, families and schools
        Evaluate Project +3

Nov 4th, 5th:
        Chitwan: School Site Research & Planning

Nov 6th, 7th:
        Tanau: Pashupati Pravi to visit sponsored children
        Evaluate Project T2S2

Nov 8th, 9th, 10th:
        Pokhara: Rest

Nov 11th, 12th, 13th:
        Kathmandu: Review gathered data, do planning, evaluate our         progress

Nov 14th, 15th, 16th:
        Chitwan: School Project Research & Planning

Nov 17th:
        Kathmandu: Final round of team meeting. Devise next steps

Nov 18th:
        Leave for States

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On Oct 14, 2012