Help Build Foundation School

With your help, Ganga Ghar will build a new school in the Oli Dada area of Nepal, starting with Kindergarten and growing over time to include elementary, middle, and high school education. The school will be named Foundation School.

Strong foundations shape bright futures. For nearly ten years, donors, sponsors, and volunteers have joined Ganga Ghar in carrying out the mission to disrupt the cycle of poverty in Nepal through education.

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With Ganga Ghar’s foundation firmly set, the future is clear—establishing a permanent school is essential to grow and scale our positive impact in Nepal.essence.


Project Details

Foundation School will start out as a kindergarten for four and five year old children with a vision to grow and serve a wider age range.

We Can Rebuild

We wish to begin as soon as possible with the building project in order to have the school ready to open in April 2018 at the start of the school year.

Beginning with kindergarten allows Ganga Ghar to get the school built in time for the new school year, as well as get up and running with modern curriculum and techniques that have not been previously been available to the community.

Foundation School will offer English-based education and will integrate multimedia, internet access, and project based learning starting at a young age.


How You Can Help

An investment in Foundation School is an investment in the future of Nepal—one where the children who we educate today become leaders and visionaries in ending poverty.

For $1,000, donors become lifelong members of the school. Their membership will be honored with a name and date engraved brick that will become a part of the school building. Members will also enjoy free accommodations in the community where the school is built  should they wish to visit.

Other contributions are graciously accepted and will go toward the establishment of Foundation School. From its four walls to the desks to the schoolbooks to the teachers’ salaries—every donation is critical to the project’s success.


Next Steps

Fundraising for Foundation School begins today. A location has already been selected and building plans are in place. Ganga Ghar board members and volunteers will be venturing to Nepal in October 2017 to kickoff the project in preparation for opening in April 2018.

Please Join Us

We ask donors to consider becoming lifelong members of Foundation School by joining us at the $1,000 level. For a little less than $200 per month from now until April 2018, your impact on a community in need and the country of Nepal will be felt for a lifetime.

Email us at with questions or feedback.